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Change Your Life! by Vernon Byrd Coulon
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Understanding your role as an active participant and co-creator for how your life unfolds, is a key to your self-development and spiritual growth. Positive affirmations are a good starting point but in order to continue striving for positive change in your life, you also need a process. 

Vernon Byrd Coulon’s book, Change Your Life! offers you insight, inspiration, and practical solutions we can all relate to. She understands the relationship between mind, body, heart and spirit. Change Your Life! will help you embrace the balance you need to move forward and achieve your healing victories.
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The Emotional Price of ADHD is an invitation to consider yourself a mirror that reflects back to each individual you encounter, a negative or positive image. How that energy is dispensed and received does make a profound difference for those who live in the turbulent, emotional shadows of ADHD and other special needs.

It is not only possible, but inevitable that your energy can be the source of healing that will benefit the most vulnerable, nurture the wounded and transform you to a place of spiritual freedom.
With great excitement, we are happy to announce the publication of Vernon Coulon's newest book Change Your Life! which includes over 200 powerful tools for self-development and spiritual growth!

Watch Vernon's interview with the G.U.M. Network, where she explores the power of honoring your journey, and what inspired the reflections in
Change Your Life!
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The Emotional Price of ADHD
by Vernon Byrd Coulon, LSCW-C
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TOPIC: Relationships. You don't have to settle.

DATE: Saturday, May 19, 2018, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

LOCATION: Silver Spring Public Library

Tickets $20

First time participants receive  a FREE copy of "Change Your Life!"

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