Center for Holistic Therapies
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        * Bi-Monthly Community Workshops and retreats offered throughout the year.
        Offering NASW approved continuing education training of holistic protocols to
           social workers, counselors, teachers and other industry professionals.

        Programs for individuals include Personal Wellness Plans and holistic coaching.

        * Leadership training, cultural competence and stress-free work environments are among
           proposed programs for businesses and organizations.

Organizational Training   *   Individual Therapy and Coaching    *   Alternative Treatment Options
Center for Holistic Therapies establishes a focus for individuals,
healthcare and business professionals and organizations, to access holistic
approaches that support their needs and expand their strengths.

Anybody can go through the motions and learn how to become a mechanic.
 We help you translate your skills and enlarge your power to become
a creative change agent in your personal or professional life.