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Vernon Byrd Coulon, LCSW-C
Vernon Coulon, LCSW-C is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, personal wellness and holistic coach, a nationally certified Imago Therapist, National Training Lab (NTL) Trainee and Certified Gestalt and Self-Awareness Practitioner. Her holistic approach reflects her training in traditional and complimentary approaches. She is a certified Level One Qigong instructor and her extensive training includes Sand Tray, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Matrix Re-Imprinting, both energy psychotherapy skills. 

Her first book, Parents Fight Back, was endorsed by the National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information as a national resource for teachers. Her second book, The Emotional Price of ADHD, continues to bring awareness to the different levels of trauma and effective solutions for healing. And in November 2017 she published her third book Change Your Life! that offers over 200 powerful reflections to help you bring about positive change in your life. Ms. Coulon holds a Masters degree in African Studies and a Masters of Social Work degree from Howard University in Washington, DC. She has more than twenty years experience counseling and addressing individual, organizational and community concerns. She serves as an advisory member of the Howard University Graduate School committee for Field Instructors and is the founder and president of The Center for Holistic Therapies.

Ms. Anne Dykers, LPCP, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, is a psychotherapist and body worker. Since the early 90s she has been practicing work that integrates psychodynamic principles, direct work with the body and attention to depth process of the imagination. 

Her training in body-psychotherapy, massage therapy and her ongoing study of developmental movement combine to support her body centered approach to psychotherapy. She uses these skills to help her listen to the gifts of the psyche, authentic creative expression and spirituality that emerge as we grapple with our most difficult experiences in life.
Anne Dykers, LCPC
Ms. Nicole Kyriakos P.A.-C., has practiced as a Physicians Assistant for over 17 years. During her years practicing medicine, she has observed that many ailments have actually been exacerbated by traditional medications; and that an informed public has the greatest opportunity to gain and maintain optimum health.

Seeking to remedy this, her main focus is geared towards education, prevention and supplementation. She recommends nutrametrix supplements due to their quick delivery system and effectiveness compared with other supplements and herbs. For more information and access to products that are superb for prevention and overall good health visit:

Nicole Kyriakos, P.A.-C
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Founder & President, Center for Holistic Therapies

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Integrationist, Clinician, Spiritual Teacher

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Psychotherapist and Body Worker
Physicians Assistant and Wellness Coach

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